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Teejet Matrix 430
The new Teejet Matrix 430 is versatile guidance system in a compact, portable package. With its intuitive touchscreen the compact Matrix 430 is an easy to use, low cost, graphical guidance system ideal for first-time users. It can be use for your spraying and spreading operations. 

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Innotag Culticam:

The Culticam I a new generation of guidance camera for mechanically removing weeds. The Culticam adapts to all types of existing cultivators. The INNOTAG Culticam is an high precision camera controlled implement autopilot system. It pilots automaticaly your implement using a valve and hydraulic cylinders. Ideal for small farms looking for precision farming in their cultivator operation.

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Ag Leader SureDriveTM :

SureDrive is Ag Leader's electric drive solution. Of the many features of electric drives, growers gain precise control of planter meter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off.

True to Ag Leader’s traditional “color-blind” approach, SureDrive is built to install on most major planter brands on the market. Uniquely, the efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter making it able to work on the meter and planter you already have.

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August 29, 30, 31, 2017