Compagnie Normand new product

Here is the new series of blowers HE+.

Created and developed by a snow removal company, the scraper blade  Essa + patented and used since 2002, added to a Normand snowblower is an evolved, complete and versatile tool. Deployed to the front of the snowblower, the scraper blade Essa + can be used for residential and commercial needs.

The snowblower of the HE+ serie keep the same specifications as the Normand snowblowers H series making it the fastest, most effective,  robust,  high performance snow removal tool on the  market.

Booth #712 - La Compagnie Normand

Innotag new products

Teejet Matrix 430
The new Teejet Matrix 430 is versatile guidance system in a compact, portable package. With its intuitive touchscreen the compact Matrix 430 is an easy to use, low cost, graphical guidance system ideal for first-time users. It can be use for your spraying and spreading operations. 

Now available at Innotag:

Booth # 716

Innotag Culticam:

The Culticam I a new generation of guidance camera for mechanically removing weeds. The Culticam adapts to all types of existing cultivators. The INNOTAG Culticam is an high precision camera controlled implement autopilot system. It pilots automaticaly your implement using a valve and hydraulic cylinders. Ideal for small farms looking for precision farming in their cultivator operation.

Now available at Innotag: 

Booth# 716

Ag Leader SureDriveTM :

SureDrive is Ag Leader's electric drive solution. Of the many features of electric drives, growers gain precise control of planter meter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off.

True to Ag Leader’s traditional “color-blind” approach, SureDrive is built to install on most major planter brands on the market. Uniquely, the efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter making it able to work on the meter and planter you already have.

Now available at Innotag: 
                                                          Booth # 716

Machineries Pronovost new product

Machineries Pronovost adds two new models to it’s reliable and robust models of snowblowers for private homes: the new inverted Puma-64-IV (64") and Puma-72-IV (72"). Puma products range now offers 12 models. Each and every one offers the same characteristics for intensive use, including a manual rotation mechanism or hydraulic without cable patented. For more information on our range of products visit our new website:

Booth #430


Fertilec new

Carrières de St-Dominique Ltée is a leader in concrete, lime, rocks and RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). The Salon enables us to promote our lime and RCC, two products helping our regional agricultural and industrial sectors. Our geological limestone quarry offers to farmers a high quality natural lime of very good quality and is acknowledged by the BNQ. Our RCC Division provides smooth, uniform concrete surface can project further and are above the required standard.

Booth #1019

Pottinger new product


The new generation of pneumatic seed drills for cereals and maize (single-seed placement) The unique AEROSEM seed drill concept from PÖTTINGER unites the drilling of cereals and maize. Precision universal metering and perfect coulter systems guarantee exact placement of the seed. The new INTELLIGENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (IDS) opens up completely new capabilities in seed row switching and saving on seed material. With PRECISION COMBI SEEDING (PCS) we have integrated single-seed planting technology into a pneumatic seed drill.

Booth #1058-1062 – Pöttinger


Agriclé new product


German engineered the Huber Tehnik Mat in rolls are perfect for alleys, stall, parlour and waiting rooms.

The latex underlay used today is significantly stronger, more form-stable, and more durable than polyurethane rebond foam of earlier soft bed generations. This creates a clean finish without the use of sealant strips.

Ideal for optimal milk production results :

  • The feeding period
  • Cows heat cycles
  • Hoof health
  • Confort

With Huber Technik and Dobro, Agriclé brands makes it possible to find all needed material at the same place wherever you are.

                                                        Booth #699 


Olier Grisé new product

Olier Grisé( Booth #106) is proud to present our new product at the Salon de l’agriculture 2017.

NG-100 is an innovative product for feeding dairy cows. This is a product that can be used as antacid and alkalizing. NG-100 is an excellent product to be included to reduce variations of the ruminal pH. NG-100 texture makes handling pleasant. Adding to its buffering capabilities NG-100 supplies phosphorus that can be accounted in the ration.

NG‐100 stabilizes for a longer time the rumen pH, maximizing the composition of fatty in milk, improves ruminal digestibility and encourages the consumption of voluntary dry solids. NG‐100 allows maximizing of your dairy production while keeping your cows in good health.

With NG-100, your cows will be one step ahead.

Booth #106

Agri-Marché new service

Agri-Marché introduces a new vegetal service for seeds and counseling to maxime efficiency for its customer. Two experienced technical advisers support the team of representatives to offer a service to fit the requirements of our customers. Our suppliers DEKALB and SEMICAN offer high quality seeds recognized for their performance and reliability. This value-added service will help Agri-Marché and Lactech customers to obtain their seeds, their ratikon and to deal their grains while combining all services under one roof and supported by a devoted team.

Booth #10

Cookir Junior

Cookir Jr is a Soy cooker designed for 35 to 100 cows farms.

At lasts an economical soy cooker for small and medium farms. It reduces your supplement feeding costs. The Junior perfectly cooks to satisfy your non-degradable proteins requirements. Served as “Top Dress” in the TMR or your milking robot the Cookir micronized soybean is an extremely palatable food. Freshly cooked on the farm, you will find it hard to resist eating a few of them every morning.

Booth #120

Mobile website for

A mobile version for the online dating site for rural people offers an optimized version for mobile phones. Our enhanced web offering has been designed to improve navigation on mobile phones or IPad. An ergonomical menu and bigger characters improves the user experience on the web site.

Come and find out about our current product innovations at

Booth #95

Contrôles & Automatisation BD

Allez chercher le maximum de votre rendement acéricole avec ce système, conçu pour faire varier le vacuum automatiquement selon la température. 

- HMI 3 1/2" aussi disponible en d'autres formats

- Peut gérer plusieurs pompes et valve sur place

- Connexion à distance (disponible en option)

- Peut faire varier le vacuum par une drive ou par une valve

Kiosque #88

Groupe Anderson - RTM

Innovant, fiable et facile à utiliser, la nouvelle gamme de mélangeur vertical Smartmix est la mieux pensée sur le marché. Le système TRUE-CUT propose les premiers couteaux de restriction contrôlées hydrauliquement de l’industrie. La vis TRI-CUT grâce à ses couteaux réglables et réversibles à 2 positions et à ses 2 racloirs, assure un déchargement facile et plus complet. De plus, sa technologie Smart Control permet de contrôler à distance toutes les fonctions hydrauliques de la machine ainsi que de pesage. Pour un mélange parfait, il vous faut le Smartmix.

Venez découvrir nos modèles au kiosque #210 pavillon New Holland.

Intelia new

Nouveauté Intelia – Une balance qui fait le poids!

La balance AccuSmart d’Intelia est la première sur le marché qui projette le producteur dans le futur. Le système développé par Intelia recueille les données sur le poids et la consommation de moulée et les utilise pour projeter la croissance de la volaille sur quelques jours. Le producteur peut ainsi apporter rapidement des corrections à ses paramètres de production si la courbe de croissance est en deçà de ses objectifs.


Kiosque #626

drone insurance


Your farm is changing. Our insurance solutions also.

Using drones on your farm? You have to rely on an innovative solution. With Intact Drone Insurance you got it! You benefit from a solid coverage in property damage and third party liability. Our drone solution for drones used for retail purposes covers damage and the drone loss, ground equipment and the drone attached devices, like cameras and spare parts. To know more come and see us at our booth. Have a very good Salon de l’agriculture!

Booth #362

New Product Automatisation BD

Obtain maximum performance with this system on your maple farm. Designed to generate temperature variation automatically.

- HMI 3 1/2" also available in other formats

- Can manage pump and valves on site

- Remote connection (also available as an option)

- Can cause variations to the vacuum by a drive or valve.




Pig watch 2016 Conception Ro-main

La méthode PigWatch 2016 combine technologie de pointe et un savoir-faire unique au monde afin d’optimiser la gestion de l’insémination de vos truies et ce, même à distance grâce à internet !

PigWatch is a unique and revolutionnary tool that allows you to quickly improve the performance and profitability of your herd even at distance with Internet.

PigWatch allows you to inseminate your sows exactly at the right moment and improve the performance and profitability of your operation 24/7. Results : you monitor the heat status of your sows in real time and remove any doubt as to the optimal time of insemination. This allows for only one semen dose in many cases, thus eliminating early, late or useless inseminations. Our PigWatch technicians are also committed helping you reach your performance objectives from sow insemination to piglets weaning.

Booth #110 Conception Ro-Main inc.

G2Bpro new product

The rapid pace of technological changes in agricultural machines commands an evolution from the tools needed to repair them. The Jaltest diagnostical tool provides access to systems datas for all tractors and combines harvester sold in North America. Jaltest establishes communication with multiple computers and control systems to assess the condition and performances of systems. Furthermore, detecting the system errors, it enables activation of the system components and to verify operations. The Jaltest offers complete coverage of tractor-trailers, light-duty vehicles and industrial tractors.

Booth # 612

Groupe Anderson new product

Anderson RTM Mixer

Innovative, reliable and easy to use our new range of Smartmix vertical mixer is the best of the market today. TRUE-CUT restrictor blades are the first electronically controlled in the industry. TRI-CUT auger with 2-position adjustable and reversible knives (10 standard) and 2 sweeping dispensers ensuring a faster and more consistent discharge. More the remote control allows to engage wirelessly the weighing system and control of hydraulic functions. For the perfect mix you need Smartmix.

Come and discover our models at Booth #210 Pavillon New Holland

New product at Premier choix agricole

Moocall is a new and revolutionary calving alert system that notifies a farmer around one hour before calving. Moocall is a non-invasive, calving sensor for beef and dairy farmers. Moocall is a tail mounted motion sensor. It measures tail movement to accurately predict the onset of calving. The device is attached to your cow tail by simply closing over by hand and giving the ratchet 1-2 clicks to tighten. Sensible tails are protected with a rubber interface specially developed to provide good adhesion while allowing moisture to freely circulate. You only need to disinfect and pass it on to the next cow when necessary.


Soleno new product

Soleno launches the first smooth inner flexible corrugated drain

Soleno an entirely Québec owned company. Keeping with its innovative tradition Soleno expands its brands of drainage products with a new smooth inner flexible corrugated drain for easier cleaning and rapid evacuation. Thanks to its flexibility this exclusive product requires fewer connectors than rigid pipes and adapts for easily to Soleno’s accessories brand guaranteeing high performance and more resistant joints. Available in Type 1, Mega 3 and Mega 3-250 microns.

 Come and discover this new product at booth # 1047-1048 in the Pavillon Soleno. 

Shur-Gain New Product

Lifestart performance Shur-GainLIFESTART PERFORMANCE À VIE 

Les dernières données scientifiques démontrent que les premières semaines de vie d’un veau offrent des opportunités colossales pour améliorer leur performance à long terme. LifeStart est le programme innovateur de nutrition des veaux de Shur-Gain qui transpose les avancées de la science en solutions pratiques et durables à la ferme afin d’optimiser la performance laitière. Ce que ça signifie pour vous, le développement du plein potentiel de vos veaux pour un élevage de vaches saines et productives ! Saisissez l’opportunité d’améliorer la performance de votre troupeau et demandez-nous votre audit d’élevage gratuit en nous visitant au

kiosque #702.


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