Olier Grisé new product

Olier Grisé( Booth #106) is proud to present our new product at the Salon de l’agriculture 2017.

NG-100 is an innovative product for feeding dairy cows. This is a product that can be used as antacid and alkalizing. NG-100 is an excellent product to be included to reduce variations of the ruminal pH. NG-100 texture makes handling pleasant. Adding to its buffering capabilities NG-100 supplies phosphorus that can be accounted in the ration.

NG‐100 stabilizes for a longer time the rumen pH, maximizing the composition of fatty in milk, improves ruminal digestibility and encourages the consumption of voluntary dry solids. NG‐100 allows maximizing of your dairy production while keeping your cows in good health.

With NG-100, your cows will be one step ahead.

Booth #106

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August 29, 30, 31, 2017