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Throughout the lifecycle of AMs, EY`s teams help companies and their consultants manage the risks and opportunities of at-AM transactions. Prior to the transaction, EY`s teams add value by analyzing key financial transaction drivers in the sales contract (SPA) and reducing potential reputation and regulatory challenges from past transactions. After the transaction, EY`s teams help companies identify, mitigate and resolve controversial financial positions and ensure a stable compliance environment. A big part of my role is to report on due diligence commitments for clients and to support them when it comes to the financial aspects of the purchase or sale contract. My role also encompasses business development: reactive by reacting with potential transaction proposals entering the market, or by creating market, leadership or items materials. Another important aspect of my job as a manager is to coach other team members and give feedback and advice. EY`s Forensic and Integrity Services – SPA Team assists clients, investment banks, lawyers and deal teams with expertise in the M-A pricing mechanisms and accounting aspects of buy and sell contracts (PAs), including support for all post-deal closing accounts. The agreement is concluded by a highly specialized team of EY Abogados, led by Susana Gémez Badiola, business partner of M-A (pictured), as well as Jorge Sebastién of Erice Senior Manager and Corporate-M-A Associate Laura Santos, Regulatory Manager Beatriz Ruz and Chief Financial Officer José Millén. This investment allows balaguer`s (Lleida) cow farm to be the first to use 100% of its organic waste in renewable energy production, allowing Torre Santamara to expand its biogas enrichment process and break down the manure obtained by cows to produce biomethane. This agreement was also made possible by the commitment of the Lactalis Group, which has been supplying its milk to Torre Santamaria farm for 30 years at its Mollerusa plant. We offer you a competitive compensation package that will reward you for your individual and team performance.

Our comprehensive Total Rewards package includes support for flexible work and career development, and FlexEY allows you to choose benefits that meet your needs, including vacation, health and wellness, insurance, savings and a wide range of discounts, offers and promotions. In addition, we propose: Creating detailed and compelling results for clients Becoming an active consultant, coach and role model for young team members who work closely with clients, their bankers and legal advisors, transaction diligence teams and other members of the SPA team to manage and advise price adjustment mechanisms for M-A transactions , including analysis of cash, debt and labour-capital adjustments. , establish pricing plans, verify and comment on the financial aspects of the GSB, assist the client in preparing or verifying closing accounts, and conducting leak assessments. The EY Financial Services CAS team is a great place to work if you are someone who wants to make a difference and have fun working on difficult and complex problems and risks. There is no good recipe, each transaction is different.