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Both parties should be represented by a lawyer at the time of signing to ensure that marital and post-marriage agreements pass the shear test. Both parties should at least have the opportunity to obtain counsel, even if a party is not represented. The court considers the party who developed the agreement to be an advantage over the non-author. The non-drafting party is not likely to benefit from the signing, so the agreement will be viewed more favourably by the court if both parties were well informed of their rights. In addition, the non-editorial part should have sufficient time to read and review the document before signing. The signatures of both parties should be authenticated and authenticated at the time of signing. Original copies of the agreement should be kept with lawyers until divorce proceedings are filed. Each party who signs the agreement should be represented by its own independent advisor. Marital agreements are not due.

Therefore, where the marriage agreement is to be invoked, it is more likely that the court will find the marriage agreement to be enforceable if both parties were represented by lawyers at the time of signing. (2) If the agreement was unacceptable. Insularity is very difficult to prove. A large disparity between the parties` responsibilities does not necessarily make the marriage agreement unfeasible. While no couple wants to think that their marriage will end in divorces, a prior or post-agreement agreement helps to ensure that you are protected. Depending on the conditions stipulated in this postal contract or prenup, it may have your personal and financial protectors, while limiting the potential for legal conflicts not long. It is important to speak with a carrollton, Georgia family lawyer before signing a marriage or post-uptial agreement, so that you can be sure of the consequences of signing the agreement, and therefore you know your rights. If you have any questions about an agreement you`ve already signed, a lawyer from Carrollton, Ga. Family law can inform you of your options.

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