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A breach of an obligation in the lease agreement must always be supported by evidence and you should always have a clear and complete inventory and a schedule of the condition. At the end of the lease, you should have a similar document indicating the condition of the property when the tenant moves. A common practice for unscrupulous owners and owners is a close relationship with a particular cleaning or craftsman business, which overloads huge sums of money for simple jobs. The landlord or landlord may receive a commission for obtaining new customers. You will try to convince yourself that you have to pay X amount to the ABC company (do not reflect all the real world companies) or you will not get your deposit back. In 2019, a QCAT claim procedure established that when a leased property had been ad hoc and the carpets had been professionally cleaned at the beginning of the lease, a special clause in the lease requiring the tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned at the end of the lease and which were enforceable by a professional begheur, since he returned the property in the same condition to the tenant. , was considered essential. In this case, the tenant kept four dogs and a budgie in the unit and attempted to clean the carpets and fumigation. In this case, QCAT considered that the specific conditions were strengthened, but did not intend to change the terms of the RTRA Act and the general lease. The Magistrate indicated, however, that the situation could be different if the carpets had not been professionally cleaned at the beginning of the lease, since a tenant must leave the premises only in the state he was in at the beginning of the lease, with the exception of fair dealing. Carpets must be professionally cleaned at the end of the lease. « Some tenants will consider it reasonable and will agree to have the carpet cleaned professionally, others will not consider a carpet to be « clean and tidy » when sucked in. » However, your landlord cannot deduct more than the total cost of the cleaning service. The receipt is required to prove that the cleaning has been paid for.

Be sure to view the cleaning service receipt before approving the deposit withdrawal. « I don`t think it`s reasonable to think that the carpet will be the same at the end of the lease. For two and a half years, there will always be signs of wear and tear. We advise you, or your cleaning cleaner, to participate in the final check and bring cleaning products.