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The purchase contract on stamp paper is valid. Non-registration will not be paid in accordance with the validity of the sale agreement Do I have an electronic stamp paper from Delhi dt Feb 2018 fof Rs 1.60 lakes for taking a property for rent in the industrial area. . The agreement has been terminated. The paper is untapped and fresh. We forgot to take the refund earlier. Please ask yourself if we can get a refund and who has the right to order the refund and procedure. Thank you and greetings. — Since you have made a written agreement with the seller, agreeing to pay the Rs.16 lake after three months if you give him ownership of your occupied home. So, at least from a notarized point of view, this agreement is for you. In Thiruvengada Pillai Vs. Navaneethammal – Anr.

(see here), it has been decided by the Supreme Court that a stamp paper, even if it is more than six months old, is valid for its use. Section 54 bars only, refund after six months of purchase, but it does not limit the use of this old stamp paper for an agreement. Thus, nothing prevents you from using it even after years of purchase. The law does not have a mandatory statute of limitations for its validity. My question is that the wife and husband have signed a contract at the man`s house on a 100 rs paper, that they will exchange the items signed by 5 members of each page. The stamped paper has not been authenticated. The wife has taken away all things and now refuses to return the ornaments given by the husband and not to accept that she has taken back her belongings. Can proceedings be against them and their family members on the basis of this stamp of fraud and fraud? 1. Yes, you can sue him for instructions on him, specifically after the agreement mentioned in and between you two entered. For a long time, the people of the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra was used to or think that the validity of the stamp paper is six months after the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 although legally it is not valid in the eyes of the law, but practical and logical, it is valid in the eyes of the law. Thus, we can say that, as per Provisions of Indian Stamp Act, 1839 and according to the Supreme Court judgment, there is no validity of stamp paper on paper, but in reality, the validity of the stamp paper is practically six months of paper, mainly in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. This trend also continues in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

You can use it to execute a new agreement or some other purpose for what you bought. If the agreement requires a stamp paper of a higher value, this stamp paper can also be used by adding another (new) stamp paper for the rest of the amount.