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With the Chinese deal, they will allow Saudi Arabia to test 14.5 million people, or more than 40 percent of the population. Al-Rabeeah and Chinese Ambassador Chen Weiqing witnessed the signing of the agreement between the two companies. The Saudi-Chinese partnership is relatively young. After being stefully anti-communist during the Cold War, Saudi Arabia was the last Arab country to officially recognize the People`s Republic of China in 1990. Chinese President Jiang Zemin was the first Chinese head of state to visit Saudi Arabia, where he signed a strategic oil cooperation agreement in 1999. Since then, several visits by kings and presidents of the two countries have taken place, as well as several important agreements, especially in the area of energy cooperation. Earlier this year, following a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Riyadh, the two countries agreed on a broader strategic partnership that would encompass cooperation in the economic, political and military fields. After stops in Pakistan and India, Mohammed bin Salman arrived in China, where the Khashoggi case was never finaled. Both sides characterized the relationship as trouble-free. An agreement was signed for the construction of a refining and petrochemical complex in Liaoning province as a Saudi-Chinese joint venture, as well as many other agreements.

In January 2006, King Abdullah was the first Saudi head of state to visit China. During his stay in China, King Abdullah signed five important energy cooperation agreements. The visit was also used to conclude broader trade, fiscal and technical agreements, an agreement on vocational training and an urban development loan to the Development Bank of Saudi Arabia in China`s Xinjiang province. [22] President Hu said that this bilateral cooperation will « open a new chapter of friendly cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia in the new century. » [23] His visit was made by Chinese President Hu Jintao on April 22 of the same year as part of a world tour. Four licenses have also been granted to Chinese companies specializing in a number of fields. The forum brought together more than 1000 participants and visitors, including policy makers, investors and people interested in companies. « The large number of tests provided for in this agreement clearly shows that the kingdom is in a race against time to diagnose cases and work to isolate them in a way that reduces the risks of this pandemic, » said Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, chairman of the Saudi Negotiations and Procurement Commission. Sino-Saudi diplomatic and economic relations tightened in the 2000s. . .