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ContractStore provides templates and is not a law firm. But all our templates are written by experienced lawyers, which allows us to organize mutual legal assistance for clients who need specific conditions in one of our documents or a tailor-made model. . For more information, visit our Legal Services site. Paragraph 2.2 provides that the term of the lease is extended by agreement. In any case, it is recommended that any extension be agreed in writing before the expiry of the initial period (or an extended period). The agreement is quite simple and contains details about the equipment, rental fees and rental duration in a schedule that should be completed and appended when the agreement is signed. This is the date on which the agreement is signed by both parties. This is not necessarily the date on which the rental period begins. This legal presentation lease is intended to be used when one party, the owner, rents equipment to another party, the tenant. 8.

Loss or damage. The tenant must draw the owner`s attention to the damage to the equipment. The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment and loss of use, reduction in the value of the equipment caused by damage to the equipment or repair thereof and lack of equipment. It contains a number of sub-clauses, not all of which will be relevant in all cases. The general approach of the contract, and in particular of this clause, is that the tenant is fully responsible for the equipment as long as it is in its possession and the responsibility extends to matters such as obtaining all the necessary authorizations from the planning authorities, owners, etc. While renting equipment, equipment, materials and vehicles can be a lucrative business, it is important to ensure that your property and interests are protected. You can also use an agreement if you want to rent equipment to someone like a friend or family member and they don`t have an existing agreement to sign. A written equipment rental agreement outlining the terms of the device rental helps both parties to be aware of their rights and obligations. It can also help avoid disputes that may arise. This clause defines the basic agreement between the parties, namely that the renter rents the equipment for the indicated rental period. An equipment rental agreement is essentially an agreement between two parties and it is not appropriate for the lessee to pass the equipment on to someone else – hence the limitation of assignment or sublease. RENTAL CONDITIONS 1.

The tenant must keep and wait for the rented equipment during the rental conditions on his fees and expenses earned. It must keep the equipment in good condition, with the exception of normal wear and tear. 2. The tenant pays the owner full compensation for the replacement and / or repair of devices that are not returned because they are lost or stolen, or devices that are damaged and need to be repaired to return them to the condition in which they were at the time of rental, except normal use. The owner`s invoice for the replacement or repair shall be conclusive up to the amount that the lessee must pay for the repair or replacement in accordance with this paragraph. 3. The tenant may not remove the device from the tenant`s address or the place indicated as the place of use of the device without the prior written permission of the tenant. The tenant must, on request, inform the tenant of the exact location of the equipment while it is owned by the tenant. 4.

The equipment must be returned to the tenant and returned to the tenant at the risk of returning the costs and expenses of the tenant. If the landlord calculates a periodic rental price, the rental fee is charged to the tenant for each period or part of the period from the date the equipment is delivered to the renter until his return. If a rental price is calculated by the owner, the rental fee is charged to the tenant for the entire lifetime, even if the equipment is returned before the end of the period….