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There is no agreement, insurance or warranty between us about our agreement except in this Finder`s Fee Agreement. In the event that legal proceedings are necessary to interpret or enforce the provisions of this Agreement, the successful party shall be entitled, in such a dispute, to recover all legal costs, reasonable attorneys` fees and costs of enforcing or confiscating a judgment rendered. A court`s decision that any part of this Agreement is unlawful shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. We intend that the laws of the State of California will govern the validity of this Agreement. Our signatures below bind us to the terms of this agreement. We understand, vote and accept the aforementioned terms of this agreement. The following is our agreement, taking into account the promises or actions of the other. The __DATE__, __NAME__ __COMPANY__, I have provided you, directly or indirectly, with a list of « listed venture capital » and/or in return for your consent to the payment of compensation or a finder`s Fee for this introductory service if an investment results directly or indirectly from this service. We agree that, following a jury trial, the jury rendered a verdict in favour of NTV, which awarded it damages equivalent to consulting fees and three times damages under G.L.c 93A. In response to motions after the trial, the court judge recognized the jury`s verdict and concluded that the Finder`s fee agreement was invalid and unenforceable because NTV was necessary, but did not register as a dealer broker. Many securities laws, both public and federal, give investors the right to recover their investments when a person who sold the investments misled investors or omitted information that makes the information provided significantly misleading. An investor could argue that the finder and the issuer misled the investor by not informing the investor of the protection that the broker-dealer license is supposed to offer and by omitting the fact that the finder is not allowed.

2. First investment. If a listed venture capitalist invests directly or indirectly funds, real estate, patents (or anything of value) in any of your projects and/or business (all of which are defined as « businesses ») regardless of the form in which such revenues are invested, you agree to pay __NUMBER OUT__ percent (__NUMBER__) of the proceeds (or value) under this Agreement, which was thus invested in the company. . . .