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To learn more about how you can use your baby`s stem cells with LifeCell: www.lifecell.in/media/newsletter/pdfs/pdf/LifeCell_Community_Banking_Brochure_EPIP_-_August_2019_Ver_009_English_.pdf LifeCell`s Community Stem Cell Bank as a public bank: Parents bring your baby`s umbilical cord stem cells into a common pool to use them and other members of this community. This increases the chances of finding a suitable donor and thus increases the treatment possibilities for patients. The community banking model is therefore fully in line with the recommendations of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA). Community banking not only solves the challenges of the low stock and high cost of the public banking model, but it is also a more sustainable business model compared to public banks. Community Banking allows you to share stored stem cells exclusively between its community members in order to find suitable donor stem cells. It protects babies and immediate family members, i.e. parents, siblings, maternal and paternal grandparents, from all diseases that can be treated with stem cells. Umbilical cord blood is the most popular source for banking. The umbilical cord blood bank is the extraction of stem cells from the umbilical cord. To learn more about the benefits of the stem cell bank, click here.

Founded in 2004, LifeCell International Private Limited is the leading biotech company in India, offering preventive health services for the well-being of families, such as. B umbilical cord stem cell bank, diagnostic tests and therapeutic products obtained from prenatal tissues. .