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This exchange program is open to arts and science students who are studying one of the following subjects: Global Development Studies, Geology, Geography, Environmental Studies, and Political Studies. Before applying, students should consider courses at the University of St Andrews and the National University of Singapore. Tri-SEP has its own online application form and supporting documents. Please be sure to follow the outline of the Tri-SEP application process on the application page. The TASSEP program is an exchange program reserved for students in the natural sciences. Partner universities include universities in Europe, Canada and the United States. The European universities of the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP) are also considered part of the bilateral exchange program. Therefore, science students wishing to apply for the TASSEP program apply through the bilateral application form. This agreement also includes the question of how many credits (ECTS) are credited to the student for study abroad. The scholarships each have a value of 6,000 CDN and 4 positions are available for this scholarship and exchange. The Queen`s-St Andrews Exchange is open to students from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Students can participate in one of five exchange programs organized by provincial and national consortia, which allow them access to about fifty other universities in France, Germany and the United States.