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Both parties understand that if household chores are not performed as agreed, (parents` names) may decide to withhold the allowance (Tween`s name) or not to allow (Tween`s name) to participate in extracurricular activities, attend parties or other events, or enjoy other privileges such as television, video games or mobile phone privileges. I LOVE this contract. My friend has a daughter Tween whose birthday list contains an iPod touch and a mobile phone. He really doesn`t have any contact with things like Instagram and Twitter, and what really happens in a Tween girl`s head, so I can`t wait to print it for him. Most Tweens will be eager to blindly sign the smartphone contract so they can get their hands on the price, but they won`t understand. Not only do older teens think they are smarter than their parents, but they also calculate, while the ink on the signatures is still wet, the flaws. A mobile phone contract is an agreement that outlines what families will do to ensure that children take care of their mobile phone and use it responsibly – such as partly during the journey, not sending text messages. This contract is regularly checked and updated by (parents` name) and (Tween`s name). I think it`s a wonderful contract. Too many children/tweens/youth/etc. are able to leave unattended in all things. I can`t imagine what it`s like to be a parent of children of this age – May God be with every family.

I pray for the life of our grandson. You`ve set rules for your tween if it`s at home, school, or a friend`s house, but you also need to set clear rules when your child is online. If you haven`t done so yet, don`t worry. But take the time to write down the policies that your Tween should follow when he or she is on the internet or dealing with TEXTing or other forms of social media…