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The secretary of the committee: As the deputy chair said, he has been threatened in the past. However, from the committee`s point of view, he would of course consult and negotiate the executive department(s) and obtain their consent to table an amendment. Real estate certificates should be mandatory for the initial sale of real estate. On a per-minute, Northern Ireland Water receives requests for initial resale. This is related to the lawyers` mediation process, where you may or may not know that an agreement exists. That concludes my presentation. I will return Sara. Ms. Venning: Both in the brief and in the presentation, we said that if we had to do everything on those pages, it would cost £8 million. You don`t know what needs to be done until you look at this site by site. So there are 1,233 locations.

We may have to spend £300 or £400 on each website to create a series of drawings and this would allow us to adopt the website. Otherwise, we may have to go to this page and completely replace all the sewers and the pumping station, and it could go as far as – Frank, are you going to intervene here? Mr. Dallat: Please, Liam, do not confuse me further. I know it is hard not to get lost in individual cases, and we are trying to set up an investigation. No one would have wanted to inherit the sewer system you inherited. But some of it was quite new. You did a great program at Ballykelly a few years ago. It is a pity, however, that gardens for the elderly are washed away every winter by overflows. They spend six months a year going to garden centers to buy their plants, but someone wasn`t on the balcony looking down. When I met with your representatives, it was about finances, priorities, etc. How much of what comes out of this survey to eliminate unsumumed sewers and so on will depend on your finances? Frank Stewart (Northern Ireland Water): You can divide non-exceptional developments into four categories.

For us, the definition is an un accepted development if no final adoption certificate has been issued or published. The four categories into which we divide our unserly developed are as follows. The first ones are pending sites, and there are about 1,200 of them in our registration system. Overall, they fall under the section 17 process that took place prior to April 2007. Some of these sites date back to the early 1990s. A significant number of these upstream sites have been completed, which means that the drainage system has been completed, but the proponent has not submitted a formal application for the final introduction of these sewers. Northern Ireland Water`s position is that these sewers remain private property and the responsibility of the developer until the final certificate is issued. Going back to the definition of an undused Web site, this is a site for which no final certificate has been published.

If you look at our registration system, you could say that there are about 2,800 on our system, but this has to be nuanced because about 1,500 of them are at the pre-evaluation stage and about 1,300 have approved agreements. However, we must be careful to note that all of these sites will not have problems, and many will be treated as part of due process and adopted at some point in the future. .