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Exhibitor Portal

Dear exhibitor!

This page is designed to streamline your preparations for your presence at the event. It compiles a wealth of practical information that will help you plan your participation and visibility at the Salon de l’agriculture.

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Exhibitor’s manual
This manual will be your bible for the event. It contains a lot of practical information for planning your attendance.
The regulations encompass all the norms, standards, and procedures to which you commit as an exhibitor at the Salon de l’agriculture.
Floor Plan
Please note that booth numbers have been changed from last year.
The 2023 Salon’s floor plan is available for reference.
Visibility Plan
Online ticketing service
You can now get your tickets with discount code.
Installation and dismantle guides
Consult the installation and dismantle guides now for all the details that will make your arrival and departure from the site easier.

Order Forms

Here are all the services offered to you to ensure the smooth operation of your booth during the event.

Starting from October 17, 2023, you will be able to complete the order forms to take advantage of these services.

Tools to shine

Various customizable formats will be offered to help you showcase your presence as an exhibitor on your various platforms.

Logo Usage Guide
Coming soon
Icône Logo Usage Guide
Shine on Social Medias
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Icône Shine on Social Medias
Shine on the Web
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Icône Shine on the Web

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Information session

Webinar registered on october 16th regarding the next edition of Salon de l’agriculture.

Please note that the document and video are in French.